OUR Services for manufacturers

Medisale is uniquely qualified to provide the complete integrated services for worldwide manufacturers looking to enter or expand their presence in the Israeli medical market.
Market penetration
Entering to the Israeli medical market presents a great opportunity for companies to expand their business activities and increase their profits.
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MediSale have the access to a successful Import or export process. With the need of professionals and experts, for lowering the costs of imports and exports, selecting forwarders, and control the supply chain processes.
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Regulations services
Comprehensive range of regulatory services in Preparations for the registration process, for different customers and different needs.
Preparation of submission to the Medical Devices registration office AMAR. Applying for import licenses, according to Annual Import authorization or One-time authorization.
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Our marketing activities for Creating sales and marketing channels include: Direct face-to-face meetings communication with clients.
Digital media, Advertising, Seminars for dept. staff at hospitals And more various marketing activities.
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We are committed to a high standard of service, practice, and customer satisfaction by focus is in the Israeli market.
We shall be an authorized dealer for our partners, and as so holding the knowledge and access to information regarding products, warranties, replacement parts, and more.
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Rep. Service
Finder and representative services.

call for more information: info@medisale.org

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