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What is unique about Opragon?
The system was primarily developed for operating rooms, since we were upset about the high number of infections that other ventilation systems obviously could not prevent.
We also saw that operating rooms differ from industrial cleanrooms. The system has to be much more robust and able to handle different scenarios with different activities, number of people, clothing, processes and much more.
Opragon solves these challenges by using gravity in the form of cool air (instead of an impulse) to control and silently sweep away the bacteria. Neither the surgical lamps nor the staff become bacteria traps, as shown through simple smoke studies and CFD analyses conducted by the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

The technology of temperature differences suggests that it could be sensitive to heat loads. In fact, when testing without cooling, Avidicare encountered what could be considered a problem caused by the heat lead from the staff.
However, Avidicare later showed in scientific testing that this is not the case. On the contrary, the heat load from the staff actually contributes to the efficiency of the Opragon system. It may take some time to change this misconception, but the results and bacteria measurements of Avidicare customers speak for themselves.

We have also worked with leading researchers to validate the technology and we are pleased to host a webinar, with Dr. Cong Wang from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he presents his doctoral thesis “Ventilation performance in operating rooms – a numerical assessment”. Register to the webinar below. 

Each year, our offering grows, and we gain customers in new countries 

Nowadays, the Opragon has been adjusted in many ways to suit different types of hospital areas such as operating theatres, preparation rooms, isolation rooms as well as for hybrid rooms. One of our latest projects was a hybrid room at Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem, Netherlands. Read more about it below.

Sometimes the ceiling area is extremely limited, sometimes a large area needs to be covered, and sometimes there are obstacles in the outward flow that need to be eliminated. At Peritus Clinic in Lund, Sweden, the space was limited since the clinic was built in a former office space. Together with partners we found a solution – read about it in the article below. 

In addition, the Opragon system is excellent to integrate into finished modules and into digital support systems.

Our journey Towards Zero Infections continues!

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