Towards Zero Infections


We are committed to the vision “Towards Zero Infections” and we strive to eliminate Surgical Site Infections together with healthcare professionals and partners. 

The Opragon system has extensive scientific validation of the benefits including establishing ultra-clean ORs, low energy cost, increased installation flexibility and improved working conditions. 

With this in mind it is our pleasure to announce that one of our customers since more than 12 years has decided to install 35 Opragon systems in the new hospital building in Malmö, Sweden. 

Opragon creates an ultra-clean working zone that is three to five times larger than that created by conventional LAF (laminar airflow) systems, while consuming 30% less energy. 

This makes it very quiet and pleasant in the room, while reducing the risk of infection. 

The results have been checked by top universities and the Swedish Energy Agency, which is also a great advantage internationally. 

You can read more about efficient and sustainable ventilation in this newsletter. 

Avidicare Opragon

Avidicare Opragon

If all tips and pieces of advice regarding transmission of COVID-19 are making you more confused than ever you are not alone! Luckily a group of eminent professors from different institutes in the US has compiled a great FAQ, very useful as a guide. 

Just as usual, we from Avidicare are always here to answer your questions regarding infection prevention and reducing airborne contamination within healthcare.